Hola! My name is Camille Solomon, creator of Pretty Balanced. I’m a Human Resources Generalist for a healthcare company living in Dallas, TX. I graduated from Baylor University (Sic ‘Em!) with a Bachelor’s in Biology, minor in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration.

I deeply feel that the key to happiness is balance. There should never be too much or too little of something in your life. I absolutely love what I do inside and outside the office. I’m about my business, but you’ll most likely always find me laughing, eating ice cream (cookies and cream to be exact), making plans with friends, working out, traveling, and learning something new in my free time.

There is so much power in being a woman. Think about the amazing things we can accomplish; more so when we come together. My wish is to see more women uplift one another. We each have unique talents that can make an everlasting impact on one another that can lead us into our destiny. After all, that is the goal, right?

Launching this blog has been on my heart for over a year now. It has been a true journey to get here and share my voice with you. I believe God places little desires in our hearts, but it’s up to us to be open in receiving His blessings. It is incredible where you will find yourself when you are patient and consistent in making your dreams a reality.

I hope you feel inspired, sis! The best is yet to come.