On January 20th I brought my closest friends together for the launch party of Pretty Balanced called “Girl Talk over Mimosas.” January 20th is also my birthday so it was a super special day to me to say the least! I envisioned the launch party to be an intimate group of women who would feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and feelings personally and professionally. My goal was to create an environment that would allow them to do so and also give them a chance to interact with other women in the room.

First, I have to say how HAPPY I was that my best friends and parents drove from Houston to make my event. As people entered the room, my dad handed out a raffle card to each guest (see below – didn’t they come out cute?!). The card gave 3 instructions to complete on social media. They put their name on the back and then dropped in a container where a winner was chosen at the end of the event.


Of course we had mimosas, lots and lots of mimosas! I also served donut holes (my guilty pleasure), kolaches, and fruit – yum. We all mingled, sipped, and caught up for those who hadn’t seen each other in a while as we waited for everyone to get settled in.


I opened up the discussion by handing each girl a piece of paper with a list of scriptures and quotes. I wanted them to take a moment and read the list and to choose one that represented them. We went around the table as they mentioned their name, where they are from, their occupation, and which quote they chose and why. This was BY FAR my favorite part! Everyone had such beautiful responses about how they felt in their current state, what their looking forward to in their future, and advice they could share. I did not want to share my hand-picked quote at the event because I wanted to focus on their responses, but I will share mine here. I chose…


“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

I could probably relate to each one of those quotes but, this one is the closest to my heart. I have finally come to a certain space in my life where peace is a priority. I actually feel like I have been forced to be still and my only option is to TRUST (in a lot of areas in my life). Being still to me means allowing enough space, time, and energy to attract the things that are meant for ME. Being still takes maturity and understanding the value of patience. I have definitely tried to do things “Camille’s” way in the past and have fallen short each time. I remember last year when I was job hunting. It was incredibly frustrating and I didn’t understand why a new door (the right door) wasn’t opening for me. I felt like it was time for me to advance in my career but, for some reason it wasn’t coming easy for me. A big part of it had to do with me obtaining a Master’s Degree and only having 1 year HR experience. My education made my overqualified and my experience made me entry-level. So, where would I fit? It wasn’t until months in my job hunt were I came to Dallas to visit a good friend of mine when I was like you know what – I could live here! As I made that a new option, I started receiving more interest from the applications I put in. Until… I landed the perfect job. I share this to say that I believe I needed to wait to have that moment where I felt like Dallas could be my new home. I feel like I had to go through those rejections and that very confusing moment in my life to be completely appreciative of where I am today. If I didn’t allow myself the time and space to come to this conclusion I most likely would have taken on a position that wouldn’t have been right for me, just so that I could say “I moved on.” Being still can be challenging, but I promise it is so rewarding.

Transitioning into the next part of the event, I wrote down a few questions that I was interested in getting feedback from that ranged from the topics of career and lifestyle.

The questions were…

  • What do you do to recharge?
  • Walk us through your morning routine.
  • What do you like to do for fun, and how do you make time for it?
  • What has been your favorite vacation so far, and how did you budget for it?
  • How do you release stress?
  • What advice would you give someone starting in an entry-level position?
  • Do you prefer reading blogs, podcast, or YouTube?
  • What has been the biggest challenge in your career?
  • What is your favorite book and why?
  • What do you think about a second degree?
  • How do you keep a daily to-do list?
  • What inspires you?

And these were the take-aways from their comments:

  • Playing ratchet music and praying (I love the combination here) helps recharge.
  • Eating breakfast, reading a daily devotional, having clothes laid out, and making a long drive productive in the morning makes for a great day.
  • Brunch with friends is a top-favorite thing to do on the weekends (who doesn’t like mimosas? duh.)
  • Visiting family in another country or state makes for the best vacation because you don’t have to budget for it 🙂
  • Ratchet music and working out best helps release stress (ok so ratchet music is a clearly a winner!)
  • Knowing and researching the industry you are going into will help you get ahead as an entry-level.
  • Short and sweet podcasts such as Side Hustle School are the best.
  • Being a female in a male dominant career has it’s challenges, but with time you learn to get your points across without stepping on anyone’s toes and receiving respect.
  • Not everyone likes to read (except to their 1st grade kids LOL) butttt some good books to recommend are Crushing It by Gary V, The 10 Commandments of Hollywood by Devon Franklin, and Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell.
  • Some believe that a second degree is not required to advance in their career field.
  • Writing down to do lists on paper and sticky notes helps set reminders.
  • Moms inspire us to be better women.

I was so blown away by how AWESOME this event went. Women from different backgrounds, career paths, and mindsets game together for this event – it was magic! I love diversity. I truly feel like we can learn from one another when we take time to see things in a different perspective. When a question was asked, I enjoyed seeing other women in the table chime in on their experiences and to add to their answer. Everyone was engaged and it was a fun time!! It was the perfect way to kick off the launch of my blog and my birthday. I’ve gotten great feedback and it made me happy to see my vision come to life. I’m exciting to continue creating and building content that can help inspire the next young professional woman.

besoscamille (1)








Huge shout-out to Purpose With Photography by Adriana Byrum who was the official photographer of my launch party! Thanks girl! ♥




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