“Waiting is not the same as inactivity. Waiting is a commitment to continue in obedience until God speaks.” – Priscilla Shirer

Here we are again! The 14th of February. Valentine’s Day. The man-made holiday filled with chocolates, long-stemmed roses, cupcakes, and EVERYTHING pink and red. For a very strange, but not-so-strange reason, I actually love Valentine’s Day. It’s not a reminder of my relationship status, but another day for me to be giving and share my appreciation (and gifts, because I love giving gifts) with my favorite people. Forget the idea that Valentine’s Day is only for couples, have they not heard of #GalentinesDay? Hello – it’s definitely a thing. Couples shouldn’t be waiting one day out of the year to show their love for one other through random gifts and quality time. That should be an ongoing effort that grows and maintains a relationship. I might think of Valentine’s day differently than most. But, it’s the way I see it.

So, to all my single ladies, Happy #GalentinesDay! I know our journey of being a single lady can be a mix of emotions. But, despite the way you may sometimes feel, don’t forget to soak up these moments. Like seriously. In a few years you will be married with children. Can you imagine? You will be limited to do the things that YOU want to do as often as you can right now. Let’s enjoy this season of singleness while we prepare for our future.
Here are 3 things that make my single season meaningful:


Be confident in yourself. What value do you bring to the table? I love the saying, “No one is you and that is your power.” It speaks to me every time. You are unique, beautiful, intelligent and charismatic. No other woman can do the things your way. No other woman has your same heart, same vision, or same voice. Be confident in knowing that who God created you to be is more than enough. A self-assured woman knows her flaws, knows when to say no, knows when to listen, knows her own feelings, and support others. Self-confidence is not believing that you’re perfect or better than anyone else. It’s actually the complete opposite. It’s understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are and knowing when to ask for help. It’s knowing that other people may be more talented in a different area than you and using that to your ability to learn from them. It’s understanding your wants and needs and owning up to your emotions. It’s seeing beauty in other women’s success and congratulating them along the way. Be sure of who you are and spend time really getting to know her.


Return on investment
When was the last thing you did something for you? I’m talking about no one else on your mind, something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time – for you. If you haven’t in a while, think about what you’d like to do. Go for it. Whatever you have to do to make that happen, I challenge you to do it. Our days can be demanding as it is. Being a boss at work, being involved in the community, making time for your girlfriends, staying up to date on news and relevant topics, being there for your family, staying fit, being cautious of your diet, and keeping the house in order. Take time out to take care of yourself. Self-care. I like to see it as investing in myself. If I’m taking time out of my day or time out of my week to do something that makes my soul happy, there will be a positive return on my investment. I will most likely be stress-free, more focused at work, and more motivated to get my workouts done. Overall, probably a more pleasant and efficient person. We can’t run on fumes and expect to be productive. Plus, that positive energy is extremely attractive! Mr. Right is taking notes *salsa girl emoji*

Be intentional about where you spend your time and energy. The things you do today will set you in the direction of your future. I like to think of spending my single years preparing for my future. And I get it – you may feel ready. You’ve finished school, you’re on top of your career, you’ve done the soul searching. And it may feel like God is making you wait forever, but he’s preparing you. I actually get chills thinking about it. And let’s be honest, if we wanted to rush though things we definitely could have and have had plenty of chances to do it. But we want God’s best and He doesn’t want us to settle. Be patient and continue to use this time to your advantage. Your future self will thank you for it!
And for my married ladies, my wish is that you always find self-love to be your best love.

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