“I love getting older. My understanding deepens. I can see what connects. I can weave stories of experience and apply them. I can integrate the lessons. Things simply become more and more fascinating. Beauty reveals itself in thousands of forms.” – Victoria Erickson

As I reflect on my birthday, here is what I’ve learned so far:

Trust your gut.

That wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re trying to convince yourself it’s right – ya, we’ve all felt it, our “gut feeling”. Our intuition. It’s there for a reason. It’s up to us to listen to it. In order for you to trust your gut, you have to get to a point where you trust yourself. I feel like up to this point in my life, I may have second guessed myself in certain areas. But, as I’ve spent more time understanding who I am, what’s good for me, and what’s not, I am now so quick to trust my gut. When you get to this point, you’ll be able to lead and take direction of your life. You’ll know what will fills you up and makes you happy. And you’ll align yourself to receive it.


Oh boy, I am a lover. And when I love, I’m all in. There’s beauty to this, but don’t forget to love yourself while loving someone else. Your significant other deserves the best of you, as you deserve the best of them. There should be a good balance of giving and receiving in a relationship. If their love matches, it’s a win.

Keep your circle tight.

While getting along with others has always come naturally to me, I only have a handful of true friends. And honestly, that’s all I need. Quality over quantity, right? It’s important to surround yourself with people who grow with you, challenge you, and love you. You should feel open to share your heart, emotions, and dreams with these special people and feel safe doing so. Keep them close. Their good for your soul.

Don’t quit.

So, I could make an entire separate blog post for this section. Things have not always come easy for me, as it probably hasn’t for most of us. I can say, what I’ve learned is in those moments when I was ready to throw in the towel, look the other way, or curl up in a ball and eat ice cream as if my answers were at the bottom of the gallon, were the moments that my sweet miracle was right around the corner. If I gave up, I would have never gotten a chance to receive my blessing. Please know that your hard work is noticed. Know that every day you are closer to your goal. Know that you are enough. It’s all worth it – don’t give up!


P a t i e n c e. I had to say it again. This is something I work on every day. When you have a type A personality (like myself) and need everything planned right away and right now, being patient can be a challenge. Understanding patience and learning to carry this trait has taught me the importance of timing in my life. Once we understand that there is a specific timing for each us, we will feel more encouraged to be patient for the right time to come to pass. And when we experience the right timing in our life, everything falls in to place.


Your smile, your attitude, and your presence makes an impact to those around you. Make sure it’s a positive one. I have learned that starting each day in prayer and peace makes for a happy and productive day. Energy is contagious – remember that!


Set boundaries for yourself. Know when enough is enough and know when you can keep going. I truly learned about boundaries a few years ago and placed them in all aspects of my life, my job, my relationships, my friendships, and my finances. This keeps me Balanced.

Family first.

As I’ve gotten older, I value family more than anything. You realize that they’re always there to support you, to be honest with you, and to love you unconditionally. Having that bond with your family is so special. The goal is to continue that legacy.

Continue to do good.

I encourage you to continue being nice and generous to those around you, even when it’s not the easiest approach. It matters. It makes a difference. Continue to do good. I promise you the universe will give it back to you ten-fold when you least expect it.


Failures. Mistakes. Eh, we don’t really like to talk about them. Our society tells us to mask our imperfections and to not share our not-so-pretty side. But lets face it, this is a part of evolving into who we are called to be. Those who are consistent and resilient, despite their shortcomings, are the most successful. I believe in taking risks and giving what I want another shot. Fall 7 times, stand up 8.

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